Ascension Creative Writing Students Win Local Contest

Some of the students in Mrs. Acker's Creative Writing class (plus our own Campbell Schouten and our NEW Cardinal Adi Srikanth) wrote and submitted to the Panhandle Professional Writers Youth Contest.

 The following students won awards for their submissions: 

Adi Srikanth--1st for 5th-6th grade short story

Campbell Schouten--1st place for 7th-8th grade poetry

Jamie Smith-1st place for 9th-10th grade poetry 

Bennie Miller--3rd place for 9th-10th grade poetry

Alumni Allison Baker--3rd place for 11th-12th grade poetry 

Alumni Sophie Velasquez--1st place for 11th-12th grade poetry


Below are the winning submissions:

“Gilgamesh”   A Pantoum

--Allison Baker (3rd for 11th-12th grade)


A proud and arrogant king,

more god than Human,

wilted under the knowledge

that man wasn’t made for eternity.


More god than Human,

still he languished in despair

that man wasn’t made for eternity;

he continued to seek ever-lasting life.


Still he languished in despair,

even when a goddess coveted his love,

he continued to seek ever-lasting life;

Don’t you know, mortality immortalizes man?


He wilted under the knowledge

that man wasn’t made for eternity,

he continued to seek ever-lasting life;

That proud and arrogant king was still one-third human.


“A Tritina for the Sky”

--Sophie Velasquez (1st place for 11th-12th grade)


You drove me past city limits to a sky smiling with stars

I was happy, content, just being, with you

And we were on another adventure.


You pulled me out of the truck and into the cold, ready to adventure

out into our secret place beneath the stars.

My shivering fingers held tightly to you.


Our legs swung softly from the truck bed. You

were so new to me—an adventure.

We spoke of the future, secretly wishing upon the stars.


The glow of the stars reflected off of you, and I thought to myself, what an adventure.


“Devour”     An ode

--Bennie Miller (3rd place for 9th-10th grade)


I smother you with butter

Puncture your side with my teeth

Causing your insides

To trickle

I realize how much better this would be with chili pepper


I sprinkle it on your wounds

Dripping with sweat

I head back in

But your steam burns my face


I grab my knife

And slice to devour more easily

I throw away your insides

Even though you are gone from this world,

I will always remember

What fun we had.


“Star Fall”

A Tritina by Jamie Smith (1st place 9th-10th grade)

Falling from the empty black air

As if nothing ever lived up high

From the dark sky, a shooting star

Bearing wishes came the glowing star,

Of pulling from above the breathless air

Dreams and dreams of flying high

To float like a boat and be carried high

Is a miracle; what they might call such a radiant star.

That pelts like a bullet from the bleak air.

Did you already forget how high, oh star,

You vowed these wishes in the air.




"The Legend of the Enchnated Crystal" by Adi Narasimhan

“Pshhhhht!” The Camper’s back compartment opened as me (Adi), Rohit, and Jonathan slid the last of our stuff for our camping trip. “This is going to be so great! Guys, what do you think? I think it will be adventurous and fun”.  We all packed our stuff together and went in our  Luxurious RV. We’re going on a camping trip in our RV.  We planned to go camping at the Yellowstone National park from Amarillo, TX. We all headed out to start our trip, using Auto drive on my special RV that has Future technology; I set the destination to Yellowstone National Park. I started the television and we played Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U. As usual, I played as Lucas, one of my favorite characters. After that, we had our lunch. It was Ramen Veggie Noodles and some Veggie Tacos. Finally, we reached the Yellowstone National Park.

It was a wonder with a cherry on top! After we paid for our tickets and other things, we set foot on our camp zone with the perfect trees and the best view of the famous geyser, Old Faithful. After getting everything set up, (Which took us about 35 minutes) we looked at Old Faithful and could not stop but admire about this geyser and how it works. “It could be a sanctuary for Ancient Indians!” I exclaimed. ”It could be a town meeting for old settlers that lived around here”  explained Rohit, ”What if it was a secret base for Evil people who are trying to steal an enchanted crystal or something!” Jonathan replied.


Me and Rohit gave Jonathan a dirty scowl. ”Why do my ideas always die in subcommittee?”, cried Jonathan. We had good laughs over it. That night, one of the creepiest thing happened to me. I started hearing things so with some curiosity, I looked out the window to see some fire out there, but it wasn’t a wildfire, it was a group of humans holding the torch around the Old Faithful. ”Why in the world would someone watch the geyser at this moment?” Then I heard some chanting, fire crackling, and some music? I heard someone who seems to be the leader of the group that won’t let me go to sleep chant.

”ALLA  KAZAAM!” Suddenly, I heard the Earth Crack open and I ducked for cover, but weirdly, nothing happened to our RV. “What in the name of Bananas was that!” Jonathan said as he and Rohit woke up. “I’ll explain”. After explaining everything, We started packing some water, food , healing supplies, and some gear to help us overcome obstacles, and while nobody was looking, I quickly unlocked my small safe and pulled out my Desert Eagle pistol and a bag of bullets then we all headed out to go to the geyser.

I said the same line the leader chanted” ALLA  KAZAAM!”  The geyser suddenly opened up like a mouth with the water parted opposite directions, forming a way and we jumped in. Surprisingly, the steam did not burn us alive, and we  landed on a safe spot from where we could  see what those guys are up to, I looked around and it was like Hitler’s secret  ,secret , secret hideout! there were so many ways to get lost and there were so many weapons that my mom would have exploded in anger seeing all this.

”Wow, I was right about the thoughts and this is so…”” Shut up Jonathan, we’ll get caught!” Then when we went back, we wondered, What to do about that group? There was a note on the door of our RV, I picked up the note and it read, “I saw you stocking us, the Blazers, don’t come back or tell anybody about it or else…”,”Whatever  it is, Rohit and Jonathan, this is serious business.” “They’re up to something, I know it. Oh! I think I know, the tour guide said that there is an enchanted crystal that gives you ultimate power if a man finds it and it is buried in one of the most famous places in the Yellowstone National Park!”

”Good job Rohit! Now we must find a way to slow them down and find that darn crystal, and Jonathan, research about the most famous places in this park so we can have an idea of where to start!” . In a few minutes, we got the info we needed. “Jonathan, do you have the info that’s needed?””Okay, I think it is the Amethyst Mountain because when climbers go to hike it, they say they’re filled with a surge of power as if a crystal has been placed in their hearts!” then the when the sun rose, we went and climbed the mountain with the crystal and when we got to the middle, we started to use some tools to carve out our doorway through the hollow mountain and went down. It was actually harder than I expected, because when we got there, it was a maze filled with death traps! As We went through the maze, we came to axes falling, a pit full of snakes, walls with spears sticking out, some ancient magical statues (NO KIDDING!), and then we came across more wild animals, and the worst  part about them, DINOSAURS(NOT KIDDING!).

Finally, I found the shrine to the Enchanted Crystal (DUN-DUN-DUNN!), Carefully, I got the crystal and put in backpack and looked for a secret exit and We all got out,(if you think the story ended happily just now, close the book and walk away)and guess what we saw, the Blazers, the team we tried to stop! ”Hand over the crystal if you want to live!” ”Hey guys, look, I see a Eagle!” Rohit yelled, and when the group turned around to see, that’s when We made the run! Once we got to the RV, I floored the gas and we left Yellowstone National Park. “Hey guys, Rohit and Jonathan, let’s go to the costliest museum and sell this crystal for 1,000,000,000 dollars to get money off of this thing!”. And we drove into the sunset and went home.

 Six months later, Adi, Rohit, and Jonathan we’re Billionaires and owned a 4 story mansion with much more and that’s how this story , The Legend of the Enchanted Crystal, ends...