Ascension Latin Students Soar to State Competition

Once again, Ascension Academy's Latin students swept the Area D competition for Junior Classical League. More than sixty students from Ascension advanced to the JCL State Competition scheduled in April.

First place results are as follows:

High School First Place

Chase Isbell -1st in Poetry, Decathlon III, Classical Art III, Latin Literature III
Yumika Tayama - Grammar III
David Bateman - Grammar II
Madilyn Moran - Decathlon I
Allison Kaczmarek - Vocabulary V, Decathlon V, Latin Derivatives V; Reading Comprehension V
Isabel Houseal - Sight Recitation II, Decathlon II, Greek Derivatives II, Latin Derivatives II
Robert Sanders - Sight Recitation V, Mythology V, Miscellaneous Art
Ryan Smith - Vocabulary III
Braden Santer -Vocabulary II
Augustus Hill - Greek History II
Kyler Smith - Greek Life and Literature II
Stephen Campbell - Greek Life and Literature
Shelby Harrison - Reading Comprehension III
Alex Wan - Reading Comprehension II
Sammi Davis - Roman Life -Vet, Geography Vet
Seth Hamilton - Geography III
Tyler Ponder- Roman History V
Jamie Smith - Photography, Mottoes III
Katie Stebbins - Girls' Dramatic Interpretation II
Bennie Miller- Girls' Dramatic Interpretation Adv. (III, IV and V)
Nathan Shelton - Boys' Dramatic Interpretation II
Gracie Spidel - Classical Art II
Noah McAlister - Classical Art V
Mykala Robertson - Classical Art Vet.
Elijah Castillo -Roman Life IV

First Place Team Results

Intermediate Certamen Area Champions (Braden Santer, Isabel Houseal, Nathan Shelton, Gracie Spidel, Deepak Pathapati)

Advanced Certamen Area Champions (Allison Kaczmarek, Robert Sanders, Tyler Ponder, Chase Isbell, Noah McAlister)

Paulea Patterson Award Overall High Score on Decathlon - Isabel Houseal

Middle School First Place

Adelynn Austin -Vocabulary (1/2A), Reading Comprehension (1/2A), Sight Recitation (1/2A)
Zaidee Harle - Mottoes (1/2A)
Kyls Soya - Mythology (1/2A)
Emma Ellis - Latin Derivatives (1/2A)
Brianna Davis - Latin Deriviatives (1/2A), Latin Literature (1/2A)
Adarsh Nambia - Roman History (1/2A)
Tanner McDaniel - Roman Life (1/2A) , Elementary Grammar (1/2A)
Caitlin Van Ongevaille - Ancient Geography (1/2A)
Kobe Williams - Decathlon (1/2A)
Nicholas Bowles - Latin Oratory (1/2A)
Annie Paraliticci - Girls Dramatic Interpretation (1/2A)

Audrey Portillo - Costume
Gia Jackson - Costume
Stacie Smith - Traditional Photography, Latin Oratory (1B)
Marak Morgan - Oil and Acrylic, Girls' Dramatic Interpretation (1B)
Autumn Pounds - Vocabulary (1B)
Campbell Schouten - Mottoes (1B), Latin Literature (1B)
Tarini Gannamaneni - Mythology (1B)
Faith Austin - Latin Derivatives (1B), Roman Life (1B), Decathlon (1B)
Troy Schouten - Reading Comprehension (1B), Roman Life (1B), Greek Life (1B)
Jake Connor - Roman History (1B)
Jenkins McAlister - Classical Art (1B)
Alex Gulde - Elementary Grammar (1B)
Pranav Yalamanchili - Ancient Geography (1B)
Aarij Rahman - Boys' Dramatic Interpretation (1B)

Top Middle School Decathlon Award - Faith Austin