Ascension Students Surpass National Averages on AP Tests

Ascension students surpassed the national averages on Advanced Placement (AP) tests for the second year in a row. Ascension Academy high school juniors and seniors earned honors-level scores (3, 4 or 5 on the 5 point test scale) at a rate 16-39% higher than the national averages on eight different tests that measure college readiness: English Language, English Literature, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, American Government, Latin, and U.S. History. Ascension students took 111 exams in which 89 received scores of 3, 4 or 5, for an impressive 80% success rate, well above the national average on each test. This school year the school added AP Computer Science and AP Physics and is moving forward with AP Spanish, enabling more students to earn college credits that allow them to earn undergraduate degrees on time and often ahead of time.  

According to Rice University's Center for College Readiness, students who take AP courses in high school are more likely to graduate from college within four years and have higher GPAs in college than similar students who do not take AP courses.  Students who took one or more AP courses and scored a 3 or better on exams had higher GPAs, earned more credit hours, and were more likely to graduate in four years or less.  National averages today for completing an undergraduate degree, if at all, are quickly reaching the 6-year mark.  

The school’s strong AP and pre-AP curriculum has been an important reason why Ascension seniors get accepted into schools like UT, UT Dallas, Baylor, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, OSU, Clemson, UCLA and Yale. Ascension Academy has been preparing Panhandle college-bound students since 2000, providing Pre-AP and AP course instruction to its students in grades 6-12.