Students at Ascension Academy have the opportunity to develop their singing talents in both solo and ensemble performance with Choir Director Sarah Serna.

Whether in Middle School Chorus or High School Show Choir, students learn what it takes to make music using that most wonderful and personal of all instruments: the human voice. Singing is a skill that can be enjoyed as long as one lives, and choral singing is a source of inspiration that deepens an appreciation for art, music, theater and religious faith.

The goal of the choral music program at Ascension is a simple one: to enable students to become confident and proficient in singing while giving them valuable experience learning to sing well with others. This entails sight reading and ear training which is so critical to a good solfege foundation. Choral music enhances many of the critical skills necessary to helping young people mature as learners since it entails math (intervals and counting), science (the physics of sound), foreign languages, reading, eye hand coordination, and teamwork.

Singing classes occur during the school day and in rehearsals as needed prior to performances. Students are encouraged to audition for area and TAPPS music competitions. The middle and high school singing ensembles also perform for chapels and assemblies, evening concerts and other special presentations.