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Community Service

In addition to a well-rounded college preparatory education, Ascension Academy is committed to family and community. 

Ascension Academy students are required to participate in community service. High school students must have 10 hours per year, or 40 hours if he or she attends Ascension for 4 years. Middle school students must have 5 per year, or 15 hours if he or she attends for 3 years. Hours are prorated for new students beyond 6th or 9th grade.

Upon graduation, high school seniors will receive a notation on their final transcripts from completion/non-completion of their community service requirement.

Awards are also presented to students that have attained service hours above the required levels at the awards ceremony at the end of the year. Submission cut-off for awards is May 1st of the current school year.

Students are given details regarding how and when they can complete these hours via emails, the Community Service Bulletin Board, and through events organized by various school groups. Outside volunteering is encouraged but requires prior approval from the director of the program.

Ms. Katy Engler directs our Community Service Program and can be contacted via email at