Ascension Academy invites students to consider a new after-school program during the spring semester that will combine physical fitness, mental sharpness, balance, discipline and sportsmanship.  Mr. Jered Wilkinson will be offering a beginning level course in fencing for boys and girls in both middle and high school.   A USFCA certified coach with instructional experience at Amarillo College and at camps in Santa Fe and Dallas, Mr. Wilkinson will work with interested students daily.

Fencing is both a sport and an art, teaching young people coordination, discipline, honor and respect.  Sometimes called “chess with foils”, fencing also exercises the mind in plotting strategy and making quick decisions when squaring off against an opponent.  The school will confer one unit of Physical Education credit for those who fulfill the requirements for this semester-long experience.

Anna and Jared Summer 2016 Nationals 2