Graduation Requirements

All students in both middle and high schools are required to take the prescribed core courses outlined for their grade. The four-year course of study for high school students outlined in the curriculum section enables the student to meet the diploma requirements. A student must earn a passing grade in each course to qualify for promotion. A minimum of 26.5 High School credits is required for graduation. If a student enters Ascension after attending another high school, adjustment may be made for his/her requirements.

Middle SchoolHigh School
(6th, 7th, 8th Grades)Credits(9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grades)Credits
Religion1HS Credit Religion1
Fine Arts3Foreign Language3
Technology1.5Fine Arts2
MS Speech.5
HS Communication.5
MS Health.5HS Health.5
Athletics or PE1.5Athletics or PE1.5

Promotion Credits21Graduation Credits26.5

Credits at Ascension Academy

A course meeting 5 days per week for a full year = 1 credit
A course meeting 5 days per week for one semester = .5 credit

Athletics earn .5 credits for participation in a school sponsored sport for that season.  Approval is required for credit given for off-site athletic activities.