Graduation Requirements

All students in both middle and high schools are required to take the prescribed core courses outlined for their grade. The four-year course of study for high school students outlined in the curriculum section enables the student to meet the diploma requirements. A student must earn a passing grade in each course to qualify for promotion. A minimum of 25.7 High School credits is required for graduation. If a student enters Ascension after attending another high school, adjustment may be made for his/her requirements.

Middle School High School
(6th, 7th, 8th Grades) Credits (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grades) Credits
English 3 English 4
Math 3 Math 4
Science 3 Science 4
History 3 History 4
Foreign Language 1 HS Credit Religion 2.4
Religion 3 Foreign Language 3
Fine Arts 3 Fine Arts 2
Technology 1.5 HS Speech .5
MS Speech .5 HS Health .5
MS Health .5 Athletics or PE 1.3
Athletics or PE 1
Promotion Credits 21.3 Graduation Credits 25.7

Credits at Ascension Academy

A course meeting 5 days per week for a full year = 1 credit
A course meeting 5 days per week for one semester = .5 credit
A course meeting 3 days per week for a full year (religion) = .6 credits
Athletic courses/sport = .33 credits