Honor Code

We believe that our work represents who we are as students and therefore should be authentic.  That leaves no place for academic dishonesty.  Therefore, we agree to abide by an honor code created to protect students and teachers.

Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to lying, cheating and plagiarism.

  • Lying is defined as intentionally making a false statement, whether verbally, in writing or by gesture with intent to give a false impression.  This could include giving false information, making up information, or falsifying documents (forgery).
  • Cheating is the act of using unauthorized material or aid (including persons) to gain an academic advantage.  Cheating can include but is not limited to:  
    • Obtaining materials for an assessment without the teacher’s knowledge
    • Using cheat sheets during the test situation
    • Using a graphing calculator or other electronic device inappropriately or without permission
    • Sharing student work that is intended to be independently produced
    • Discussing information about a test or quiz with students that have not yet taken it
    • Obtaining answers from another student during a test or quiz with or without their permission
    • Failing to follow the teacher expectations regarding collaboration on an assignment or project
      (Norcross High School Integrity Policy)
  • Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s thoughts or ideas as one’s own without giving proper credit.  (Wyoming Seminary 2011-12 Student Handbook)

Responsibilities of the teacher:

  • Provide students with clear requirements and directions in issuing assignments 
  • Structure the classroom/seating to alleviate cheating during a test
  • Clarify allowable versus non-allowable collaboration for assignments and projects
  • Teach and review correct use of documentation when assigning work
  • Review the Ascension Academy Honor Code often, especially at the beginning of each grading period, before major assignments and tests
    (Norcross High School Integrity Policy)

Responsibilities of the student:

  • Avoid situations that contribute to academic dishonesty
  • Avoid giving or receiving unauthorized assistance on any assignment
  • Cite sources correctly in written work
  • Hold yourself and classmates accountable to the responsibilities of the Honor Code.

Responsibilities of the administration:

  • Ensure that all faculty, students and parents have knowledge of the Ascension Academy Honor Code
  • Require teachers to enforce the Ascension Academy Honor Code
  • Maintain records on reported violations
  • Facilitate appellate procedures and Honor Council hearings
  • Enforce the decisions of the Honor Council
    (Norcross High School Integrity Policy)

If an incident occurs in which academic dishonesty is suspected, the teacher will handle the consequences in consultation with the Dean of Students.  Consequences may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reduction of grade for assignment
  • Re-do assignment or assessment
  • Grade of 0 on assignment with no opportunity to re-do or get extra credit
  • Detention with teacher
  • Notification of parents
  • Notification of appropriate honor society sponsors, coaches, or other club sponsors 
  • Discipline referral to the Dean of Students
    (Norcross High School Integrity Policy)

Students or parents who are not satisfied with the way an incident is handled by the teacher may file an appeal in writing within one week.  Appeal forms can be picked up and turned in to the Dean of Students office.  Once the appeal is filed, the Honor Council will be convened to review the appeal and determine if a hearing is necessary.  The Honor Council is a standing committee made up of two members of the faculty chosen by the student body at large, the Dean of Students, two members of National/National Junior Honor Society who have been selected by the NHS/NJHS advisors through a blind selection process from those who elect to hear the case in question.  The student will be present and may also bring a student and teacher of his/her own choosing.  The decision of the Honor Council will be final and the Dean of Students will enforce the decision of the Council.