New Student Referral Program

• The referral program is designed to encourage existing families and faculty to share with their friends and family members the opportunity to select Ascension Academy as their children's school.

• A $100 referral fee is available to existing families and faculty for each new family who enrolls at least one student at Ascension Academy by August 5, 2016. The payment is for the first year of a new student’s enrollment and not for their future years of re-enrollment.

• A New Student Referral Program form is available in a link at the bottom of this page, or you may pick one up in the front office of the school. The attachment includes a Referral Information Form that a current Ascension family would fill out and submit to the Admission Office and a handout about the school that should also be given to the referred prospective family.

• Referred students can be entering any grade from sixth through twelfth grade. Any student who is accepted in a grade which is at capacity will be placed in the wait pool. If a referred student is enrolled from the wait pool, the referring family will receive payment at the time of enrollment.

• Siblings of existing students or returning students who have previously attended Ascension Academy do not qualify.

• The referring family must have at least one student enrolled in the previous year or the year the new referred student begins at Ascension Academy.

• Families who are referred are able to apply for financial assistance from the school.

• The referral payment is per new family. Multiple referrals are accepted and payments are combined.

A prospective student is officially referred when an existing family or faculty member submits a provided Referral Information Form to the Admission Office. The first family to turn in the form will be assigned the new student as their referral. Referrals cannot be split among multiple families.

• The Referral Information Form must be turned in to the Admission Office prior to completion of the prospective student's application. Once an applicant has completed the application process, the referral window will be closed. 

• Upon receiving a Referral Information Form for the new inquiry, the Director of Admission will contact the referred family by phone or e-mail to confirm all contact information.  The Director of Admission will then walk them through the application process.

• The referring family will be contacted with an e-mail from the Director of Admission once the initial conversation occurs between the Admission Office and the prospective family. The referring family will not be notified again of the application progress until the referred family is enrolled.  In the event that an enrollment does not occur (due to the family discontinuing the admission process or not meeting qualifying standards), the referring family will not be given details of the process.  This is to ensure confidentiality and protect the child and family who have been referred.

• The referral payment check will be mailed by the Finance Office to the referring family within one month of enrollment.

• This program will be re-evaluated each year.