Parents of Ascension

PAA (pronounced “paw”) is a self-governing organization to facilitate parents working with faculty, staff, and administration to enhance our students’ education in every way possible.   Each Spring PAA elects officers from among parents to direct the organization and manage the monies raised by PAA.  The PAA President serves as a member of the Board of Regents during his/her tenure, presenting reports, ideas, and concerns to the administration and Board of Regents for consideration.

How Can I Become a Member?

Any parent of an Ascension student is automatically a member of PAA.  Here are some of the many ways you can make your PAA membership count for Ascension:

  • Come to our meetings and let your voice be heard!  See our schedule of meetings below.  Babysitting is provided for your younger children on campus during the meetings.
  • Get involved in our annual Gala fund-raiser in the spring! Beginning with the first fundraiser in 2000, PAA has provided an annual donation to fund projects for our students. The track stadium seating, school van, computer and technology upgrades, fencing scoreboard, science DVD's, swim lane fees, senior survival camps, and sports uniforms were provided with these funds.  This year our efforts will be used for very specific items needed to enhance the programs at Ascension.  These will be discussed and selected at PAA meetings this year.
  • Volunteer! You can, provide food for school events, assist during lunches, serve on a committee, share your unique talents and connections.
  • Help host our Back to School night in September.
  • Help host our recruitment Open House event in November.
  • Help honor our teachers by participating in the Christmas brunch and the May Teacher Appreciation Week activities.
  • Support the school through your contributions to the Annual Fund campaign in the fall.

Remember, great schools don’t just happen.  They come alive when dedicated and inspired teachers work with talented and hard-working students supported by caring and involved parents.   The school needs you this year—and PAA is the best way for you to help us become the great school we aspire to be!

If you would like to volunteer for PAA activities, please email the committee chairs.   (See below)

PAA Calendar of Meetings and Events:

Aug 17, 18 

4-6 pm
Sept 6
Back to School Night
6 pm

Sept 22

PAA Meeting #1

6 pm

Nov 3

PAA Meeting #2

6 pm

Nov 17

Open House 

6 pm


Teacher Christmas Luncheon


Jan 5

PAA Meeting #3

6 pm

Mar 9

PAA Meeting #4

6 pm


May 11

May 18

Teacher Appreciation Day

PAA Meeting #5

Ice Cream Social & Talent Show


6 pm

4 pm

Executive Officers:

Presidents:  Gail and David Hooks
Vice President:  Jacque Portillo 
Secretary: Catherine Bowles     
Treasurer: Ryan Monroe             

Committee Chairs and Coordinators:

Canteen Buyer: Sandi Brandt      

Lunch Coordinator: Fran Heckman

Teacher Appreciation: Debra Smith

Hospitality: Tiffany Bateman       

Uniform Closet: Fran Heckman   

Gala Coordinator: Laura Sellers  

Box Tops:  Katy Engler                

Prom Committee: Junior Parents